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If you are looking for green and fresh plants to decorate your balcony, lawn or terrace , order from our website & we will supply the plants to you. Just click as per your requirement & we will be at your door with the plants. With multifarious works to be done in our daily life you have no time to visit a nursery physically although you wish to have a green effect in your house so here we are to fulfill your wish.

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Most of us know traditionally, house plants have been talented as housewarming blessings. Yet, did you realize that there is something other than custom behind this gesture? There are genuine medical advantages, both physiological and mental, to having plants in your home. Here we list our best selling section of plants with genuine medical advantages.
Tip 1 - Space
Discover how huge your plant(s) will be when develop and ensure your Pot can accommodate that.
Tip 2 - Growth
Watering house plants with icy water can moderate development or harm roots. Utilize lukewarm water Or let Cold water warm up to room temperature overnight.
Tip 3 - Growth
Patharchatta plant can remove Kidney or Gall Bladder stone it can also be applied on bruises and it cures Urinary disorders.

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